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People will only pay attention to your ideas, to what your organisation could do, to your product or brand name, if you communicate and if you do so efficiently.

How can you make sure that your press release is seriously considered for publication by the newspapers, that the interview you gave to radio or TV actually comes on air? How do you prevent the media from focusing almost exclusively on that single unfriendly paragraph in an environmental report? Do you know what to do when you are faced with a crisis situation? You would like your messages to get the attention they deserve. But how do you go about it?

We cannot judge on others, but we are certainly among those who pay attention to what you have to say. After a first contact (just to know who you are and what you want exactly) we provide tailor-made answers to your questions. The nice thing is also that you will not be left with a financial hangover once the job has been done.

"We" are a small team of corporate communications specialists, trained to listen to you and to provide you with sound advice. We see to it that your message is noticed, heard and understood by your target group.

With Blue Turtle you will be heard!

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